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CRCCE-HOA 2017 Membership List for Publication

Anthony and Pauline Alizio
Neil and Bob Romano Burmeistan
Charles Canney Jr
Joe and Karen Cannon
Michail and Julia Cardia
Jim and Heather Carroll
Thomas and Hillary Cash
Lewis Casson and Julie Roth
Leon Conley and Rebecca Capes
Scot Conrad and Dustin Simon
Bob and Jane Conti
Peter Cooper and Bill Ferraro
Wynn and Caroline Courtney
Noe Cuellar
Arthur and Debora Denning
Ronald and Rose Dreyfus
Leon Garner and John Catenaci
Bill and Rebecca Green
Michail and Kathalyn Haimo
Donald Hart
Martin and Sandra Harvey
Robert and Carole Hoffman
Lyle and Debbie Johnson
James and Lynn LaBate
Robert and Vicki Lynch
David Mann and Marion
Shari McCartney and Cory Shade
John and Eileen Melnicoff
Jose Mesquita and Vera Lucia
Thomas and Kimberly Miller
Phil Mullen
Terry Murphy
E. Nemerout Jr. and Gary Stout
Brian and MarSue O'Connell
Patrick and Gayann O'Neal
Dick and Susie Pearce
Chuck Peel and Monty Wing
Nick and Mia Pesa
Mary Irene Purger
Bruce and Sue Quailey
Debby Sanderson
Fred and Andrea Senesi
Jim and Jinny Shearer
Michael and Joan Sher
Molly and Azey Stephens
Jeff Stich and David Hoenig
Clint and Zillah Tarkoe
Geoff and Janice Thomas
Christopher Toth
Jason and Marie Ulbrich
Michael and Elfriede Wagner
David and Nancy Wertz
Jeff and JamesCoulluscio York
David and Sally Zubero
Matthew Zucker

*Designates Board Member