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CRCCE-HOA 2017 Membership List for Publication

Anthony and Pauline Alizio
Jim and Judy Ambrose
Steve and Michelle Ball
Sally and Brian Beach
Cynthia Benchick and Jim Scott
Neil Burmeister and Bob Romano
Hal Burke and Wendy Mervis
Joseph and Karen Cannon
Rebecca Capes and Leon Conley
Michael and Julia Cardia
Jim and Heather Carroll
Lewis Casson and Julia Roth
Peter Cooper*and William Ferraro
Sal Chieffo and Roy Peters
Janice Correale
Marie Curtis
Gary and Michele Davis
Jose and Ana Diaz
Jacqueline Emanuel
Wilson and Susan Graton
Dale Hannah and Gary Fussell
Fred and Judy High*
Robert and Carole Hoffman
Jill and Steve Holt
Peter and Lynn Jensen
Judith Jignd
Lyle and Debbie Johnson
Michael and Gail Kaplan
Scott Kraver and John Nash
Mark and Melissa Louden*
Eric Lundt and Jeremie Willard
Jessie Lacey
Robert and Vicki Lynch*
Brian McGraph
Kenneth and Elaine Monson
Frank and Mary Ellen Mullin
O’Connell, Brian and MarSue
Gary and Shelly Parr
Karen and Roman Polivka
Bruce and Sue Quailey*
Michael Parker and Jerome Six
Susan and Alan Rothberg
Jack and Madelene Slattery
Barbara Sterry
Ross and Denise Tannock
Steve Priest and Kristen Tersch
Bill and Nancy Thies
Christopher Toth
Michael Russell and Kayla Spackman
Julie Saumsiejle
Fred and Andrea Senesi
Jim and Jinny Shearer*
Robert Sheehan and Cori Molane
Dr. E.E. Pete and Nancy Seiler
Nili and Meno Shir
James Stellas and Craig Johnston
Dotsy and Jim Stuart
Chris and Christine Theodore
David and Randi Walter
Fred and Stephanie Witt
Matt Zucker

79 members as of 4/12/17
*Designates Board Member